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Delta to punish business travelers with new fees

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If ever you want to learn how about best practices for alienating customers and driving them to the competition, just follow Delta Air Lines. What used to be a great airline (a few decades ago) is now scraping the bottom in a market that is known for low quality. Because of the Air France links, I have the displeasure of flying Delta from time to time. The people working the planes are usually as nice as could be but the overall quality compared to the rest of the industry is below average.

What's worse is that the airline is already expensive, plus the insulting fees and now new fees for the people who fly the most. Delta management consistently has a knack for annoying customers. I'm still waiting for a response to a message about baggage fees from last year when my luggage didn't arrive with my flight. Speaking with customers obviously isn't very important for Delta management. Once again, what are the clowns running Delta thinking?

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