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Syrian civil war spreads

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The massacre in Homs has not suppressed opposition to the Assad regime. Earlier this week the fighting reached the heavily guarded neighborhood where many of the senior members of the government have their homes.

Reporting from the region is still prohibited by the regime. Global Post has one of the few reporters still working there:

DAMASCUS, Syria — Rebel fighters landed their most serious blow yet against the Syrian regime’s security apparatus, even as dramatic but conflicting accounts emerged of what triggered an intense overnight firefight in a heavily protected neighborhood of Damascus earlier this week.

Both the regime and the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) claimed as a victory the battle that eyewitnesses said began around 11 p.m. and lasted into the early hours Monday morning. The battle involved heavy machine gunfire, rocket-propelled grenades and helicopters, the witnesses said.
The Syrian civil war is following a very different pattern to the one that brought down Gadaffi but that does not mean that Assad is winning. The longer Assad is unable to win, the more likely he is to lose. The Libyan uprising was a tribal affair where progress could be measured by the territory held by each side. The Syrian insurgency is an urban guerrilla war where both sides have the ability to deny the other effective control of an area.

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