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Emily Loizeau: "Je suis jalouse" (I am jealous)

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It's been a rough week here at La Maison chez nous, and my view into next week isn't more promising.

So how about some fun. I wanted to put up a song by a terrific French singer-writer named Cali, but his best so far is "Elle m'a dit" — ("She told me she didn't love me, between the cheese course and dessert") — and that just seemed, well, off ... less fun than it could be.

So here's a song by Emily Loizeau called "Je suis jalouse" — I am jealous — with a terrific live action–animation combo vid that just a delight. And Loizeau proves to be quite the actress.

The story in simple: the main girl and guy, the ones in the carousel, have a problem. The guy turns out to be attracted to another women (in the video, she's the girl who shows up with the super-carousel that looks like a rocket ship).

So the first girl (Emily) fixes the problem. Enjoy the music, enjoy the video, enjoy the fun animation.

The YouTube version with the English subtitles seems to be missing, but if you care, the gist of the first verse is this:

I cried for two hours
Onto your tin cookie-box
The one that contained your letters
And the photos from New Hampshire

Your famous love trip with
Adele of Bayeux
I think her name is stupid
Sounds like a brand of sweaters

She wants to meet us
Have us over for lunch
She tells me she's going to adore me,
She insisted as much.

Oh yes, I'm jealous...
But you don't even need that much. She's upset and at least in the video, she takes care of business.

Happy Sunday,


Update: I hope fans of these musical offerings (heh) are noticing that this song alternates between 5/4 and 3/4. The 5/4 is counted 3+2 (1-2-3-1-2) and is laid down twice before the singing begins. It's so well done, it's almost unnoticeable. Nice.

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