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Sen. Collins calls for new, independent health study for TSA porno-scanners

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Life has been pretty easy at the TSA so far. Despite easy ways to beat the scanners, leaving creepy notes in luggage of a woman traveling with a sex toy and turning the porno-scanners into a peep show, nobody in Washington has bothered to call out the TSA much. Give credit to Senator Collins for calling their bluff this time. She requested a new health study and the TSA responded with an old study. ProPublica:

A new report from the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security is likely to fan rather than extinguish the debate over the safety of X-ray body scanners deployed at airports across the country.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and other lawmakers have called on the Transportation Security Administration to conduct a new, independent health study. No such tests were carried out for the report, which instead relied on previous radiation tests, most of which have been available on TSA’s website.
But the 28-page report also notes that not all TSA screeners have completed required radiation safety training. Inspectors found inconsistencies in how the machines are calibrated to ensure radiation safety and image quality. And the TSA made more than 3,500 maintenance calls in the first year the scanners were deployed, meaning that, on average, each machine needed service more than once a month.
Once again, everyone wants travelers to be safe, but that also includes safety from technology that has reportedly had issues. The training and maintenance of the porno-scanners has been inconsistent, so getting it right is not bad for anyone.

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