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Momentum in North Carolina to defeat anti-gay Amendment One on May 8

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We posted this on AMERICAblog Gay, but wanted to share here, too.

The campaign to defeat Amendment One is kicking into high gear with just over nine weeks until the May 8th election. Today, Protect All NC Families released a new video titled, Momentum:

And, the campaign set up a new site with great tools for the campaign here.

They've also shared some key details about their momentum:

117 partners have joined the coalition — including the NAACP, Southerners on New Ground, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, and numerous faith congregations.

We have 30 staff and seven field offices across the state.

We have raised more than $600,000 — more than $150,000 of that has come in online, with more than $80,000 of that number coming in the last three weeks.

We have more than 2,000 donors who have given $92 on average — the grassroots donors are with this campaign. We have raised our money in $10, 100, 250 and 1,000 chunks and we are ahead of schedule with what we have raised from that category.

We have more than 15,000 volunteers at this point and we are making 20,000 voter calls per week.

Important validators such as Senator Kay Hagan, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton, the conservative Carolina Review, libertarian thinker Michael Munger, Myers Park Baptist and others have come out in opposition to the amendment in recent weeks.

RACE to the Ballot has held conversations in towns, large and small, across the state ( which has generated positive news coverage, and momentum, around the state.
Of course, the campaign needs more money. So far, many of the major gay donors haven't chipped in. They should. And, so far, the DNC hasn't chipped in -- despite indications that there would be help. We can win this one, as PPP's Tom Jensen, who is based in NC, noted here and here.

As we wrote about on Monday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius talked about the defeating the amendment during a speech in Charlotte over the weekend. The Obama campaign could be very helpful here, if they choose to be. Obama for America is building a massive operation in this critical swing state.

Michelle Obama will be in North Carolina tomorrow and Saturday. Surely she can say the words: Vote No on Amendment One.

Winning in North Carolina will be a great way to keep up the momentum that we're seeing across the country. Maggie and her fellow haters want nothing more than to stop us. We can't let that happen.

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