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Overwhelming majority of Americans want out of Afghanistan

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Who exactly are the people who still support the war in Afghanistan? There is no winning there though it's been that way for years. At this point the only people supporting it are the defense contractors and senior brass who get to play live war games. Spending precious tax dollars on an un-winnable war was a bad idea before and it's only worse now. The time to declare victory and move on is long gone, so let's just move on at this point.

Support for the war in Afghanistan is slipping fast, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll released Monday. More than two-thirds of those surveyed, 69 percent, think the United States should no longer be fighting, a 16 percent jump from just four months ago.

A similar number, 68 percent, say the war effort is going either "very badly" or "somewhat badly," a big increase from 42 percent in the last poll in November.

Nearly half of Americans think the timetable for pulling U.S troops out of Afghanistan should be moved up. Forty-four percent say U.S. forces should leave before the Obama administration's planned withdrawal by the end of 2014, while 33 percent say the U.S. should stick to the current schedule. Seventeen percent say the U.S. should stay "as long as it takes"; 3 percent say the troops should come home now.

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