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Ask Landmark Theaters to show "Question One," about Maine marriage campaign, nationwide

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Landmark Theatres is the largest art house theater chain in the US. And there's a serious proposal before the company to show the documentary "Question One" in its cinemas nationwide. We'd like your help in letting Landmark know that there's genuine interest in seeing this film.

Question One is the story of the campaign to repeal/save marriage equality in Maine back in 2009. Produced and directed by gay film maker Joe Fox and his co-producer/director James Nubile, the movie takes the approach of following both campaigns, the good and bad (as it were), from behind the scenes, up until election night. I saw it last fall and thought it was really well done, in addition to quite damning of the religious right. Now, we've teamed up with Joe F. and James to ask Landmark to show the movie. Given all the intensity around marriage equality across the country, the timing couldn't be better.

What's most interesting about the documentary is that even though it's "fair" - both sides get to tell their story - the anti-gay campaign does a bang-up job of indicting themselves by the end of the film. Their campaign manager, Mark Mutty (who works for the Catholic Diocese of Maine), makes it clear that they lied to the people of Maine in order to take away our civil rights. And the mastermind behind the lies was Frank Schubert, who did the same thing on Prop. 8 (won by telling voters the lie that we were coming after their children) - and, no doubt, will again. The admissions are damning. And that's one good reason for anyone who is interested in the quest for marriage equality to see this film.

So here's how you can help:
1. Email Landmark Theatres:

All you need to do is send a quick email to Landmark, telling them you'd like them to show "Question One," the documentary about the marriage equality battle in Maine, in their theaters, and that of course you'll go the show and tell your friends about it. Use this email address: The film's directors will then hand deliver the emails to a Landmark executive. If you want, put your home town in the subject line of the email, so that the geographic diversity of interest is clear on its face just by looking at the subject lines.

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There's some great commentary on "Question 1" from Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald:

[Mutty] insists that the central campaign theme for “Yes on 1” – that same-sex marriage, if not repealed, would be required teaching throughout Maine’s public schools – was “hyperbole” and “not a completely accurate statement and we all know it isn’t.”
Yes, the Bishop's aide actually admit that their central message was a lie.

We aren't surprised that the other side lies. It's just stunning to see it in their own words. And, it's critical for our straight allies to know this, too. Just this we learned that the National Organization for Marriage, NOM, is trying to incite a race war in order to win the fight on marriage equality. Again, not surprising to us. But, it's clearly captured the attention of the traditional media.

The duplicity of the anti-LGBT industry needs to be exposed. The true story of how dirty they are in the way they handle these anti-gay campaigns - a story told in their own words - needs to be seen by as many people as possible. And, getting "Question One" into Landmark's theaters in 21 cities would be a major step in the right direction. You can watch the six minute trailer here.

More from Nemitz:
New York City-based filmmakers Joe Fox and James Nubile were allowed in with their cameras by both sides – giving the documentarians, and now us, a strikingly unvarnished view of what went on behind the scenes during those oh-so-divisive days two years ago.
Help us get this critical documentary shown at Landmark's theaters across the country. Send an email to, and tell Landmark that you think they should show "Question One" in their theaters, and if you'd like to explain why you think it's important for Landmark to show the documentary, that would certainly be welcome. But even a short note letting Landmark know that you and your friends woulde go see the film if they showed it, would be very helpful. Joe and James will then hand deliver your emails to a Landmark executive.

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