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Twitter handles of advertisers still on Limbaugh’s radio show; 13 now dropped

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UPDATED: 3/6/12 - This list is now outdated.  Please check the second column of the blog for an updated list of advertisers, and contact them based on that list.  Thanks.

UPDATED: 8:16pm - You'll find Twitter handles for today's advertisers below.  Please tweet them, and retweet this post.

13 advertisers have now dropped Rush Limbaugh's radio show after he called a Georgetown law student a "sl-t" for testifying before a panel of the House of Representatives. Per Media Matters, here are the companies that advertised on Limbaugh's show today on WABC - the list has been confirmed by Media Matters, the ads ran. 

Below you'll find Twitter handles for the various companies - I think this is the most effective way to contact them. It's public, and people will retweet it easily. One more thing about how ads work, and how to avoid being fooled by these companies.  A company doesn't always choose what show its ad runs on - they can, for example, buy ads on an entire network and let the network decide which shows and what time (it's cheaper than picking specific shows and times).  This permits advertisers, like Netflix, to misleadingly claim that gosh they're not "direct advertisers" on Limbaugh's show - thus tricking people into thinking they don't advertise on his show at all, when what they really are saying is that they didn't CHOOSE his specific show to advertise on, not that their ads aren't running there.  They can still tell their ad person to make sure none of their ads run on Limbaugh's show - so why dont they?

A Place for Mom @aplaceformom

AccuQuote @AccuQuote

ADT Security @ADTstaysafe

AkinMears, G.P.

American Credit Card Solutions

Ameristar Tax Centers @AmeriStarTax

Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup @BareEscentuals

Bonobos @Bonobos (Bonobos says they've directed that no more ads run. Thank them.)

Becoming China's Bitch by Peter Kiernan (Ad ran accidentally, it's been pulled)

Capital One @AskCapitalOne

Child Booster Seat PSA, Ad Council and DOT


Constant Contact @ConstantContact


Eos Sleep @eossleep

Freedom Debt Relief @FreedomFamily

Geico @Geico

Heritage for the Blind @HeritageBlind


InventHelp @InventHelp

JC Penney's @JCPenney

Matrix Direct @MatrixDirect

Medipattern Corporation

Merit Financial @MeritFinancial

Netflix @Netflix

New York Lottery Powerball

O'Reilly Auto Parts @OreillyAuto

Peerless Boilers @PeerlessBoilers

Reputation Rhino @ReputationRhino

RightSize Smoothies @RightSize

Sears @Sears  (Sears says its ad ran by accident last week.  Well it ran by accident again today.)


Service Magic @ServiceMagic

St. Vincent's Medical Center (Bridgeport, CT) @StVincentsMC

The Small Business Authority/Corporate Tax Network

TurboTax @TurboTax

US Tax Shield @USTaxShield

Wave Home Solutions @WaveHome

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