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Our good friend Trevor Thomas is running for Congress in Michigan

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Some exciting news this morning. Our very good friend, Trevor Thomas, just tweeted:

I don't believe @JustinAmash represents the Jerry Ford values of west MI; I'm running for Congress to put party aside and fight for our jobs
Yep, Trevor is running for Congress in Western Michigan. Trevor was the most amazing communications director for SLDN during the push to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. John and I watched him in action every day during that battle. He's smart, savvy and committed -- and he wants to make a difference for his home town and home state.

Trevor's campaign website is here. From the announcement:
"It’s time for us to return to the values of Jerry Ford, who put politics aside to do what was best for our country,” Thomas said of his decision to run. “My parents’ generation helped put the world on wheels and furniture in our living rooms. Now it is our time to stand up and fight for Michigan families to ensure they get a fair shake."

Thomas has spent his career fighting for fairness, equality and opportunity. In Congress, he will stand up for working and middle class families – like the one he grew up in – and work to ensure all young people have a secure future in Michigan.

"It used to be that if people worked hard and played by the rules, they wouldn’t have to worry about things like job security, health care, or putting their kids through school,” Thomas said. “That’s no longer the case—and lawmakers in Washington have been too busy playing politics to do what’s best for the American people."
Justin Amash, the 31 year old incumbent Republican, is beloved by the Tea Party. His goal is to be the next Ron Paul. Seriously. That's his goal. It's all about Justin Amash, not his constituents.

I met Trevor on one of his first days in DC. He's made a significant contribution to public policy in this town. But, he's always wanted to go back to Michigan. (He never changed his cell phone from the 616 area code.)

Check out Trevor's video:

And, consider a contribution to Trevor's campaign. Donate here.

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