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Civil war continues in Syria, Arab Spring continues into Arab Winter

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Via Slate:

Mortar and tank fire resumed in two neighborhoods of the Syrian city of Homs Monday after the Arab League vowed this weekend to step up support of the country's opposition groups.

Reuters reports that activists say 23 people were killed in Homs on Sunday. More than 300 have died since Feb. 3, when the bombardment of the city, an opposition stronghold, began.

Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, who visited Syria last week, has responded to the Arab League's plan for Syria, calling for a cease-fire agreement from both sides before a U.N. peacekeeping mission is deployed, the New York Times reports.
It really is amazing how governments that we never thought we'd see fall - Qaddafi comes to mind, but Mubarak is a close second - are now gone. The Assad dynasty in Syria is another one. It's very much like when the Soviets and their Eastern European satellites blew up and went away. Not something I'd expected to see in my lifetime. Add this to it.

If Syria is now exploding, the only big remaining "it can never happen here" regimes would seem to Saudia Arabia and Iran (if we stretch the "Arab Spring" metaphor to include Persians). Talk about the geopolitical mess of those two countries blowing up.

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