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Mormons secretly baptized and converted Catholic Holocaust hero

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You have to hand it to the Mormons, they're an equal opportunity bully (gays, blacks, women, Jews, and now Catholics).  From NPR:

He wasn't Jewish and he wasn't a victim of the Holocaust, but the discovery of Jan Karski's name on Mormon proxy baptism records has angered those already upset about posthumous Mormon baptisms of prominent Jews and Holocaust victims.

Jan Karski was a Catholic whose mission for the Polish resistance during World War II included sneaking into the Warsaw ghetto, where he witnessed executions and naked bodies piled in the streets. Then he disguised himself as a Ukrainian guard and infiltrated a concentration camp.

Karski biographer E. Thomas Wood credits the former Polish diplomat with providing the first detailed descriptions of the systematic extermination of Jews to Allied leaders in London.
I've told you for the hundredth time, mom, it's all just an "unfortunate mistake" that keeps happening over and over again over the span of decades, with no apparent end in sight, and always seems to target the Holocaust.  Funny coincidence, that.

As for the Mormons claiming that they only go after the souls of direct ancestors, their "apostle" says otherwise:
Church policy limits the baptisms to direct ancestors but Mormon Apostle Quentin Cook told NPR in 2009, "We concentrate first of all on our ancestors and then for the people in the world at large." [emphasis added.]
Oops.  Rest assured than many a public promise will be made to the Catholics, until the next time it happens, and it will.

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