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Why Ron Paul?

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From Cillizza at the Wash Post:

Paul’s backers would, literally, walk over hot coals for the man. His detractors tend to roll their eyes when talk of Paul as a serious candidate is broached. (The latter sentiment was summed up nicely by Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen who headlined a recent piece: “Seriously, Iowa? Ron Paul?”
Then again, consider the Republican alternatives. Romney and Hunstman are the only sane ones in the mix. And Huntsman is too sane for the GOP, while Romney is so desperate to be president he becomes more slippery by the day. As for the rest? Perry, dumb. Bachmann, nuts. Gingrich, really nuts. And Santorum, dumb and nuts.

But it's not like Ron Paul isn't a little nuts too.

Keith Boykin's tweet earlier tonight is about right:
Barney Frank jokes that the Democrats 2012 campaign slogan should be "We're not perfect, but they're nuts."

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