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Romney’s Mormonism still a sticking point in Iowa

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The Post discusses Iowans ongoing concern about Romney being a Mormon (and a Mormon bishop at that). I'm continually intrigued by the notion that it's "bigoted" (as someone in the article says) to apply a religious test to Romney's Mormonism, while Romney is running to be the candidate of a party that routinely applies a religious test to every candidate and practically every piece of legislation.

And it's not just the GOP.  You'd better believe in God if you want to be president in this country.  And you'd better be a Christian (thus, the Romney problem).  But the GOP has raised feeding this Christian intervention in politics to an art form, as have its surrogates in the Catholic church and the religious right.  The Republicans made their bed as America's party of God years ago. (Remember when Romney was all upset about then- candidate Obama's Reverend Wright?)

It's a bit late for Mitt Romney and any other Republicans to now be defending a quasi separation of church and state, claiming that there should be no religious test for office.  Their entire party is one big religious test that the rest of us routinely fail.  So you'll pardon our schadenfreude as we watch God-zilla bite the GOP frontrunner in the rear.

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