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Pro-austerity Conservatives in UK promote $92 million yacht for queen. The definition of one percent.

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At one point, they even suggested that British schools help pay for it.

Seriously? What idiot thinks it's a good time to worry about buying a yacht for one of the richest families on the planet? Talk about working for the 1%, it doesn't get any more 1% than the queen of England. It was bad enough that the education secretary even suggested it considering what the Tories have done to the education system, but for the so-called conservative (and Conservative) prime minister to support it is obscene. The UK is either in a crisis or its not. If it's in a crisis (and it does appear to be in its second recent recession) this should not even be an option. Why are they wasting time concerned about a brand new yacht when there are much more serious issues to address? The Guardian:

David Cameron has swung behind plans for a new, privately funded royal yacht that will double up as a university of the seas, and provide accommodation for royalty in the ship's stern. Cameron has endorsed the idea after lobbying from the higher education minister David Willetts and the education secretary Michael Gove. The idea, at one point described by Gove as a gift from the nation to the Queen on her diamond jubilee, also has the backing of the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne, according to letters sent to the prime minister by Willetts. Downing Street sources said the prime minister regarded the idea as excellent, and discussions have been held with Portsmouth city council for the yacht to be berthed in the south coast port.
Since ministers were discussing taxpayer involvement, it's still not completely clear whether they will have to foot part of the bill.

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