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ABC Poll: Congress approval rating at record low, while President at 48%

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The Republicans in Congress are faring worse than the Dems.  From ABC:

Nonetheless, the squabbling that’s riven Congress the past year gives Obama one clear strategy – joining in the chorus of criticism of Congress, and the Republicans in Congress in particular. Their 21 percent approval rating is a point from its record low, set just last month.

The Democrats in Congress, at 33 percent approval, do better than their GOP counterparts, and have gained 6 points from their low last month. But they’ve moved in tandem with the Republicans: Both parties in Congress have lost 17 points in approval in the past three years.
The President needs to make sure that both he and his administration make clear that it's the Republican in Congress, not just "Congress," that's the problem. Lest we end up with Republicans controlling the Senate too - and yes, Republican control of the House and Senate would be a disaster, as the GOP no longer believes in doing anything to actually help the country, it's all about tax cuts and wars (and abortion) with these people, regardless of how much they bankrupt the country. Don't forget, it's the Republicans who got us into our current fiscal mess. In fact, 71% of the national debt occurred under Republican presidents.

The President doesn't like to remind people of this fact, but it's the Bush wars and the Bush tax cuts that did the most damage to the budget.

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