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QE3 could cost up to $1 trillion

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The first two rounds were bad enough, but why should the Federal Reserve give more money - especially this amount - to the same bunch of losers who ruined the economy? The first two rounds of quantitative easing helped Wall Street pump up their trading, but it hasn't trickled down beyond that. This makes no sense at all, and is not a replacement for an actual stimulus plan that would benefit the broader population and the economy. The Wall Street giveaways have to end. Let them gamble and lose their own damned money.

If the Fed decides that the US economy needs another round of monetary easing, the price tag likely would be between $700 billion and $1 trillion, according to a new analysis.

While the Fed has not said explicitly whether it will enact a third round of quantitative easing — or QE3 in market parlance — speculation has grown that the central bank will step in should the economy stall again in 2012. The Fed next meets Tuesday, when the topic of more easing is likely to come up.

Recent indicators such as in housing, unemployment and consumer confidence have shown improvements, though most economists are expecting the gains to be temporary and, more importantly, susceptible to shocks from a European recession.
If QE3 happens, Bernanke is going to have to be sent packing. Someone is obviously floating this idea which means the plans are probably ready and waiting.

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