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Guardian: What the Top 1% really owns

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Here's a nice bit of animation from The Guardian on the Top 1% (and the Top 0.1% above them). There's much detail; feel free to pause and ponder the data of your choice.

Please do notice the ending though, starting at 4:39. It makes a point I've been making as well. The Top 1% has strata, and you don't get power until you get into Top 0.1%. (H/T RedStateProgressive for the link.)

And for a quick, one-shot look, check out the graph in this post. Where would that last bar be if it represented the Top 0.01%? Answer: In your upstairs neighbor's apartment.

At the level of the 0.01%, you don't just have money, you have power. And you don't just have power, you have Power, Jon Corzine–power — freedom from the Rule of Law.


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