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EU further isolates Iran after attack on UK Embassy

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In the wake of the government sponsored attack on the UK embassy, the new EU sanctions are not a surprise.

The attack on the UK embassy was very clearly organized by the Iranian government. The police stood by to allow the authorized assailants to storm the embassy, stood by while the place was ransacked and only intervened to prevent unauthorized rioters from joining in.

Britain has now closed the Iranian embassy in London in response. Many other countries are scaling back their embassies in Iran. Even Russia, whose relationship to Iran is more or less equivalent to the US relationship to Saudi Arabia seems to be concerned.

What nobody (except for the Israel First lobby and Max Boot) seems to be seriously considering is military action. This can hardly be attributed to 'weakness' on the part of David Cameron who led the push for NATO intervention in Libya. UK finances may be in a parlous state but like the US we have always found the money for a war when the government wants to.

It could hardly be more obvious that what the Iranian regime really wants is to have a small war in the hope that it will rally the country behind the discredited regime. Which is precisely why the UK government is not going to give them what they want.

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