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Are we all being too negative about the unemployment numbers?

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Chris wrote earlier about the new unemployment numbers showing a drop in unemployment, but a lackluster rise in "jobs added" to the economy.  The disparity comes from, as I explained at the bottom of the post, the government using two different metrics for determining the unemployment rate and how many jobs were added or last in the previous months.  Thus, this time we got both good news and bad news about the same thing.

A reader, Dee, wrote, saying we're all being too negative. Read what she had to say. What do you think?

Once again some of our wonderful friends in the media are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Unemployment in November dropped from 9% to 8.6% and somehow that has been turned into bad news. So it seems that when the unemployment number goes up because more people enter the workforce...that's bad for Obama; but when the unemployment number goes down because more people leave the workforce...that's also bad for Obama. As usual, President Obama can't win for losing!

NEWSFLASH: You can't have it both ways so which is it???

It seems that no matter what happens, the media always seems to find a way to tell us that contrary to popular belief, ANY news is bad news. Some immediately climbed onto the "people dropped out of the workforce" train without even a mention that some of those people actually retired or were given early retirement packages. Also, there was very little mention that the unemployment numbers from September and October were adjusted to better than expected.

FYI...we're not dumb. We know that a little good news for one month is not going to solve everything that's wrong with our country, but dang--can we at least HAVE a little good news for one month instead of you always trying to find the 'rain' in the rainbow!

Is it any wonder why the majority of Americans feel things aren't getting any better? Because even when it looks like we may be climbing out of the massive hole we're in--even just a little bit, we can always count on our wonderful media friends to find a way to knock us right back down in it!, sometimes good news may actually be good news!

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