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Dutch investigation reveals another Catholic church abuse scandal

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The Catholic church really needs to spend a lot more time focusing on their internal child rape problems that span the globe than causing problems for others. The church doesn't even come close to owning any moral high ground position, so it's best that they move on to real problems such as corruption within their own organization and helping the poor.

The report by the an independent commission said Catholic officials failed to tackle the widespread abuse "to prevent scandals." The suspected number of abuse victims who spent some of their youth in church institutions likely lies somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000, according to a summary of the report. Based on a survey among more than 34,000 people, the commission estimated that one in 10 Dutch children suffered some form of abuse. The number doubled to 20 percent of children who spent part of their youth in an institution — whether Catholic or not. The commission said it received some 1,800 complaints of abuse at Catholic schools, seminaries and orphanages and that the institutions suffered from "a failure of oversight." It then conducted the broader survey of the general population for a more comprehensive analysis of the scale and nature of sexual abuse of minors.

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