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Communist party in China now accepting limited criticism

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Well at least some criticism out in the country. For China, this is a big deal and an important change. It doesn't mean non party members will be choosing the central party leaders or be directing policy, but they will be able to have more influence. If China wants to continue its growth and maintain its grip when the bubble bursts, this is a necessary evolution. The Guardian:

The senior Chinese official who helped defuse a standoff with protesting villagers has told officials to get used to citizens who are increasingly assertive about their rights and likened erring local governments to red apples with rotten cores. Zhu Mingguo, a deputy Communist party secretary of southern Guangdong province, last week helped broker a compromise between the government and residents of Wukan village. Ten days of protests over confiscated farmland and the death of a protest organiser drew widespread attention as a rebuff to the government. Guangzhou Daily, the official paper of the provincial capital, quoted Zhu as telling officials that Wukan and other protests were not isolated flare-ups. "In terms of society, the public's awareness of democracy, equality and rights is constantly strengthening, and their corresponding demands are growing," Zhu told a meeting on Monday about preserving social stability, the paper said.

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