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Arab League observers to visit Syria

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If they come back with anything less than strong criticism of Assad, they might as well close shop. The days of giving excuses for other dictatorships are over. The violence has to stop in Syria but the only way that will happen is if Assad steps down. Al Jazeera:

The 50 observers will be split into five teams of 10, one of which is due to visit Homs on Tuesday, according to Reuters news agency. The teams will use government transport, according to their head, Sudanese General Mustafa al-Dabi. But delegates insist the mission will nevertheless be able to go wherever it chooses with no notice. "Our Syrian brothers are co-operating very well and without any restrictions so far," al-Dabi told the Reuters news agency. Other delegates said they expected to be able to "move freely between hospital, prisons and detention centres all over Syria".

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