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Pope Benedict: AIDS an ethical issue

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It's always hard to stomach the pope or anyone in a senior position in the catholic church talking about ethics or morals. They have none of either, so perhaps it's best that they work on cleaning up their own house before smearing everyone else. How about for starters, the pope get on board with condoms and remove one more obstacle to addressing this very serious problem.

It calls for good governance, the abolition of the death penalty and denounces abuses, particularly against women and children, while describing AIDS as a mainly ethical problem that requires a medical response.

Changes in behaviour are needed to combat the disease, including sexual abstinence and rejection of promiscuity, it adds.

"The problem of AIDS in particular clearly calls for a medical and a pharmaceutical response," it says. "This is not enough however. The problem goes deeper. Above all, it is an ethical problem."
Yeah, well someone clearly has a problem with ethics, but it's not people with AIDS.

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