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Mormons launch $6m ad campaign to make people like them

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The Mormons are reportedly spending $6 million on an "I'm a Mormon" ad campaign to convince Americans that they're really nice people.

The thing is, really nice people don't try to steal the souls of dead Holocaust victims, and then lie about it, for years, after they get caught.

Nor do they secretly baptize President Obama's deceased mother into their faith, right before the election, without his knowledge or permission, and then not to tell him.

You know another thing nice people don't do?  They don't use their billions to politically gay-bash year after year after year.

The Mormons are quite possibly the biggest funder of anti-gay bigotry in America today. The group running the campaign to pass Prop 8 in California, which successfully ripped away the right to wed from gay couples in that state, reports that half of their total donations came from Mormons, and 80% to 90% of their early volunteers were Mormons.  From Wikipedia:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,[52][53][54] whose members are commonly known as Mormons, also publicly supported the proposition. The First Presidency of the church announced its support for Proposition 8 in a letter intended to be read in every congregation in California. In this letter, church members were encouraged to "do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time."[52] Local church leaders set organizational and monetary goals for their membership—sometimes quite specific—to fulfill this call.[55][56] The response of church members to their leadership's appeals to donate money and volunteer time was very supportive,[57] such that Latter-day Saints provided a significant source for financial donations in support of the proposition, both inside and outside the State of California.[58] About 45% of out-of-state contributions to came from Utah, over three times more than any other state.[59] ProtectMarriage, the official proponents of Proposition 8, estimate that about half the donations they received came from Mormon sources, and that "eighty to ninety percent" of the early volunteers going door-to-door were LDS.[60] The The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints produced and broadcast to its congregations a program describing the support of the Proposition, and describing the timeline it proposes for what it describes as grassroots efforts to support the Proposition.[61]
The Mormons were responsible for the passage of Prop 8. Don't believe me, believe the NYT in an article entitled "Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage."
In the end, Protect Marriage estimates, as much as half of the nearly $40 million raised on behalf of the measure was contributed by Mormons.
$20 million buys a lot of hate.

More about just how involved the Mormons were in passing Prop 8:
On September 17 and 18, Rosemary Winters of the Salt Lake Tribune called attention to, a website dedicated to tracking Mormon contributions to the pro-Prop 8 website — listed on the LDS Church’s website to facilitate its members’ participation.

If we could identify every Mormon, I think that probably 85 to 90 percent of the donors would be Mormon,” said website proprietor Nadine Hansen, a 61-year-old, semi-retired lawyer (and non-practicing Mormon) from Cedar City, Utah. (In a subsequent story, Hansen told the AP’s Eric Gorski that she had used campaign records, “tips from site visitors and church members,” and search engines to track down LDS donors.)

On September 20, Mark Schoofs of the Wall Street Journal reported that, in an August conference call, church leaders solicited $25,000 donations from 40 to 60 California Mormons, an amount likely based on their tithing receipts. LDS officials maintained a separate post-office box to handle members’ donations, which were tallied and sent to the campaign.
Of course, this wasn't the Mormons' first time at the gay-bashing ball. They've been doing it for a few decades now, that we know. They reportedly spent over a million dollars fighting the civil rights of gays in Alaska and Hawaii during the 1990s. They also fought our civil rights in Nebraska and Nevada.  And Prop 8 wasn't their first foray into California gay-bashing either.

"I'm a Mormon."

Yeah, and I'm a Mormon victim.

Someone ought to run that ad.  Oh wait, they already did:

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