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Hold off on marriage until we get civil unions?

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Reader David asks:

You quoted Nate Silver writing:
"But it may no longer be the case on gay rights. Just who is on what side of the 55/45 split depends on what question you're asking -- a majority of the public now supports civil unions, although not yet gay marriage. That's beside the point, though; "
That's exactly my point. Why not fight for and win civil unions, and leave marriage up to the states at this point. We know, you and I, that it's not full equality, but full equality will take much longer with too many "moderate" Democrats and the Republicans in Congress. I doubt we'd see it on the federal level in the next 10 years, barring court intervention. So, let's take civil unions and move the ball forward in smaller steps.

I'd be curious to see what your readers think. What do you think?
I'm curious what you guys think first. Then I'll weigh in. (Don't want to skew the debate.)

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