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Lieberman, a Bush ally, is already a political casualty of the Iraq War

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Today, Joe Lieberman proved he is a political casualty of the Iraq War. Because of his fierce allegiance to the failed Bush Iraq war policy, Lieberman humiliated himself today by saying he'd have to run as an independent this fall if he loses in the Democratic primary. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

One of my very wise political friends in Connecticut explained to me that Connecticut Democrats rarely get a chance to have an impact in national politics. But the Lieberman - Lamont primary is providing them an amazing opportunity to issue a strong rejection of the failed Iraq policy. Joe Lieberman personifies that failure of Bush and the GOP.

Democrats in Connecticut understand that. They know that the Senate primary gives them the chance to make a statement -- one of the first and most important statements -- about the Iraq war in the 2006 cycle.

Clearly, that statement is being heard loud and clear. Joe Lieberman chose Bush and Iraq over the Democratic party. And, today, Lieberman admitted he's losing.

There's still a lot of work to be done both in the August primary and the November general election. But Ned Lamont, the netroots and Connecticut's Democrats had a win today.

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