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Lieberman abandons Democrats

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UPDATED: It's official...Lieberman made the announcement...

Major news out of Connecticut. Lieberman is jumping from the Democratic ship after he loses the primary:

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman announced today he will petition for a place on the November ballot as an "independent Democrat," giving him a chance to stay alive politically should he lose an Aug. 8 primary for the Democratic nomination.

Lieberman, 64, a three-term senator whose outspoken support of the war in Iraq has brought months of grief and inspired a strong primary challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, announced his decision this afternoon at a brief press conference at the State Capitol.
What a bastard. He is sooo important, that he can't abide by the decision of his party. Lieberman's arrogance is off the charts. He's addicted to his own power, or sense of power. And, clearly, he's smarter than the rest of the Democrats in Connecticut.

Another UPDATE gives some more insight into Lieberman's decision. According to the Connecticut Post, Lieberman got booed at the Bridgeport street festival (while the Mayor who recently admitted cocaine abuse was cheered):
The only negative shouts seemed directed at Lieberman, who is facing a primary challenge from Ned Lamont of Greenwich.

"Hey, look at that, a Democrat walking with a Republican," came one shout to Lieberman.

"How's the president," shouted another parade watcher, giving Lieberman a thumbs-down sign.

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