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Arab support for Hezbollah increasing

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In news that's roughly as shocking as Lance Bass coming out, Arab popular support for Hezbollah is surging. At the beginning of this latest conflict, Israel had unprecedented support (not explicit, but there nonetheless) from Arab governments that viewed Hezbollah's actions as unnecessarily provocative. Now, with Israel's strategy of bombing everything that might be connected to Hezbollah combined with surprisingly able Hezbollah fighters preventing outright Israeli victory, Arabs are viewing Hezbollah not as foolish instigators but as the champions of the anti-Israel cause. Not good.

Middle Eastern governments, with the exception of Syria and Iran, really don't like Hezbollah. Why would they? Hezbollah is an Islamist Shia group in the midst of Sunni secular governments. Arab states such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have enough problems with their restive Islamist populations without Hezbollah mixing things up, but now the popular support for Hezbollah is forcing those governments to change their stance.

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