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Senator Hutchison's office couldn't say if Senator engaged in adultery

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Had to share one more great exchange:

I called Kay Bailey Hutchinson's office in Austin [transcript below]:

Me: Hello, can you tell me if Senator Hutchinson supports traditional marriage.

Office: YES! She sure does!

Me: Can you tell whether or not she engaged in adultery prior to her divorce?

Her: Hold one second please....

[long wait]

Jennifer: Hi! This is Jennifer! How can I help you?

Me: Hi Jennifer. I understand that Senator Hutchinson supports traditional marriage...

Jennifer: Yes she does.

Me: Can you tell me if the senator engaged in any sort of adultery prior to her divorce?

Jennifer: No, I'm sorry. I can't.

Me: Can you tell me if the Senator has been either on the giving or receiving end of oral sex or anything that might be construed as "sodomy."

Jennifer: I'm not sure I understand these questions.

Me: Well, the senator supports FMA which basically invites the government into the bedrooms and private lives of Americans. She clearly has a stand on traditional marriage. I was hoping she could reconcile "support of traditional marriage" and her divorce...

Jennifer: I can pass your message along.

Me: I'd appreciate that I was also hoping for the senator to tell me if she will introduce language to the amendment making divorce illegal, since this bill's language portrays traditional marriage as the foundation of our culture.

Jennifer: I will pass your message on. Where are you calling from?

Me: Houston. Is there anyway for me to follow-up with the senator and get answers to these questions? There are some areas where I support the senator's views and others where I disagree. But in this case, I believe she is being a total hypocrite. Anyway, I want to get answers to my questions. I am quite serious about my inquiry. I', going to follow-up with a letter. What's you name?

Jennifer: Jennifer.

Me: What is your position or title?

Jennifer: I work in constituent services.

Me. Thank you so much Jennifer. I will be following up in the near future.
Warm regards-

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