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Oh Fred, lying again...

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Fred Hiatt at the Washington Post just can't seem to get the concept of "facts." In today's anti-Harry Reid Post editorial, the Post, yet again, bases its argument on assertions that are simply untrue. All we need look at is the first sentence of the Post editorial:

THE MOST disturbing thing isn't that Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) accepted free ringside tickets to Las Vegas boxing matches, worth between several hundred and several thousand dollars each.
No, the most disturbing thing is that Reid never got any tickets at all, what he got was an access pass from the state of Nevada, which they give out all the time, and which have ZERO value. Not "several thousands dollars" of value, but zero value.

The Post then goes on to quote more of the lies from the AP story (John McCain paid for his tickets - no he didn't, he didn't receive tickets, and it was illegal for him to pay for them). Oh, and very cute how the Post left out the fact that the Republican Senator accepted free access to the fights as well, and then HE recused himself from voting on the legislation that the fight organizers wanted killed (same legislation Reid voted FOR). Get that? The GOP Senator helped kill the legislation by not voting after he accepted the free 'gift.' Funny, the Washington Post didn't find that fact relevant to report in this article. Then again, I have a funny feeling the Post simply read one AP story and then wrote their editorial, without realizing the AP story was wrong.

I mean, we can't except the Post to actually do their research before writing editorials - hell, they don't even read their own front page.

Blogger is back....phew.

Fred, we missed you. The editorials were so, well, reasonable the past month or two. Glad to see you're back.

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