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Bank and credit card details for up to 240,000 handed out with newspapers

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Are the Democrats interested in personal privacy or not? It's clear that the GOP doesn't give a damn, but what is wrong with the Democrats? After countless leaks of personal data and the recent internal spying, you would think that the Democrats might want to take this seriously since average Americans are concerned about these issues and nobody in DC seems to really care. It's always one missed opportunity after another with the Democrats who just don't seem to be interested or serious about winning back anything in Washington. This latest story from the Boston Globe is surprising but not unusual at all these days.

The confidential information was on the back of paper used in wrapping newspaper bundles for distribution to carriers and retailers. As many as 9,000 bundles of the T&G, wrapped in paper containing subscribers’ names and their confidential information, were distributed Sunday to 2,000 retailers and 390 carriers in the Worcester area, said Alfred S. Larkin Jr., spokesman for the Globe.

In addition, routing information for personal checks of 1,100 T&G subscribers also may have been inadvertently released.

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group in San Diego, more than 100 incidents of lost or stolen financial information were reported over the past year.

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