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My take on Bush's State of the Union address

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1. I was bored. Then again, I can't stand the man.

2. I thought he spoke well at the beginning. Again, the substance bored me, but he sounded good.

3. The Dems totally dissed him on the Social Security thing. And it threw Bush for a loop, then pissed him off and he couldn't let it go. One does not challenge the king. From that point on, things went south (and the Dems guaranteed the soundbite for the evening).

4. I got the sense that the entire speech was not a challenge to the Democrats, but rather a challenge to 61% of the American public who either don't approve of Bush or are unsure.

5. Animal-human hybrids? Are you on crack?

6. Cute little insert on gay marriage - so cute and so sly that most people probably missed it. Funny that in previous years he had no problem pushing the anti-gay marriage amendment, but this time he only wanted to hint at it. Weird. And telling.

7. What about Mars? I'm only half joking. Every State of the Union has some grand idea in it. What was the grand idea here? Continue the tax cuts? That's real popular. Promote democracy in all those OTHER countries Bush named tonight? Oh yeah, THAT will be REALLY popular with the American people - after all, Bush has done such a good job promoting democracy in the countries we've already invaded (let alone in the US).

Again, I just don't get a sense of anything momentous tonight. What's new? Not much. Same old Bush. And people are kind of tired of that.

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