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CNN-USA Today-Gallup: Scalito a Flop

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Looks like George just dropped a turd in the punch bowl. Initial reaction to Scalito? The public is already on our side. From Gallup:

About the same number of Americans rate Alito's selection either excellent or good (43%) as rate it fair or poor (39%). Miers received a similar rating, but Roberts' rating was somewhat more positive: 51% excellent or good, 34% fair or poor.
Rob's Note - here are two specific places where we can tell the truth to change the public's mind
About half of those interviewed Tuesday night believe Alito's views are mainstream, while a quarter think his views are too extreme, and another quarter have no opinion.
The public is evenly divided as to whether Alito probably would or would not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Thirty-eight percent believe he would, and an equal percentage think he would not, with the rest offering no opinion.
Rob's Note - and here's the best part
If it becomes clear Alito would vote to reverse Roe v. Wade, Americans would not want the Senate to confirm him, by 53% to 37%.

If most Senate Democrats oppose the nomination and decide to filibuster against Alito, 50% of Americans believe they would be justified, while 40% say they would not.

If the Republicans then decide to eliminate the filibuster on judicial nominations, to ensure an "up-or-down vote" on the nomination, Americans would be evenly divided as to whether that tactic was justified -- 45% say it would be, 47% say it would not.
Good news all around. And we're just starting. With the appropriate sized TV campaign, we're going to win this one hands down. But it will take a large, sustained, TV campaign.'s one off campaigns are great, but this one needs to be up on the air for the duration - 2 to 3 months, every day. It's going to cost millions of dollars, and it will be worth every penny. Consider it a down payment on 2006.

Here is the specific poll Q&A:
If you were convinced that Alito would vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision, would you, personally, want the Senate vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court, or not?

Yes, confirm: 37%

No, not: 53%

No opinion: 10%

Suppose all or most of the Democrats in the Senate oppose Alito's nomination. Do you think they would be justified -- or not justified -- in using Senate procedures, such as the filibuster, to prevent an up-or-down vote on his nomination?

Justified: 50%

Not justified: 40%

No opinion: 10%

If that happens, the Republicans in the Senate would consider changing Senate procedures to eliminate the filibuster on judicial nominations, which would ensure an up-or-down vote on the nomination. Do you think the Republicans in the Senate would be justified -- or not justified -- in doing this?

Justified: 45%

Not justified: 47%

No opinion: 8%
We win across the entire spectrum. Why? I would argue that the public is truly looking for someone to save them from George Bush. Call it buyers remorse, call it Iraq fatigue, call it Katrina complete government failure fallout, call it fallout from the first indictment of an administration official in 130 years. Whatever it is, the public is behind the Democrats right now, looking to them for leadership.

However, the Left often screws up just about now. They look at this kind of poll, say that the public is on our side, and then just watch when the Republicans start to a) lie regularly, and b) put up millions of dollars in lying ad campaigns. After $20 million TV campaigns, people change their minds. At the end of the day, the Left is always looking around trying to figure out what happened. Please let's not do this here.

But it's a good day, we are already winning this one!

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