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Broder says Bush is "President Pushover"

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I find David Broder increasingly unbearable. He really thinks he is the dean of the Washington punditry, and many others in that crowd view him that way. So, when I see a headline like "President Pushover," it catches my eye:

But after the fiasco of the Harriet Miers nomination and the other reversals of recent days and weeks, the Alito nomination inevitably looks like a defensive move, a lunge for the lifeboat by an embattled president to secure what is left of his political base. Instead of a consistent and principled approach to major decision making, Bush's efforts look like off-balance grabs for whatever policy rationales he can find. The president's opponents are emboldened by this performance, and his fellow partisans must increasingly wonder if they can afford to march to his command.
And there is this line which is becoming clearer every day:
But the message that has been sent is that this president is surprisingly easy to roll.
The Washington press corps, Dean Broder included, has refused to believe that the Bush team was as craven and ruthless as they really are. Maybe now they are beginning to see the reality. Maybe.

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