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So Bush thinks we should have STAYED in Vietnam?

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I've said this before, and Bush only confirms it today. His administration thinks the lesson from Vietnam was "don't cut and run." THAT'S the lesson for these guys. If we'd only stuck it out a little longer, we'd have won in Vietnam. Huh?

President George W. Bush vowed on Saturday that the United States "will not run" from Iraq as it did from Vietnam, as he welcomed voting on a new Iraqi constitution and called it step forward for democracy.
So we "ran" from Vietnam? Well, I guess when you get your ass kicked and the battle is hopeless, yes, you do run, and fast, unless you're a moron.

Some reporter really has to ask the Bush administration if they think it was a mistake for the US to finally withdraw from Vietnam. Then ask them about Reagan being responsible for cutting and running in Lebanon and thus contribution to September 11.

Come on, you know you want to ask.

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