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Republicans Destroy Foundation of Middle Class: Public University Education

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How much damage can Republicans do in five years dismantling the very foundations of what makes our country strong? More than you can imagine. From the New York Times we learn that, with the neglect since Republicans took control of two branches of government, public university education has been struggling:

Taxpayer support for public universities, measured per student, has plunged more precipitously since 2001 than at any time in two decades, and several university presidents are calling the decline a de facto privatization of the institutions that played a crucial role in the creation of the American middle class.
At an academic forum last month, John D. Wiley, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said that during the years after World War II, America built the world's greatest system of public higher education.

"We're now in the process of dismantling all that," Dr. Wiley said.
This is what you get when you vote for Republicans. They don't believe in public education and so they are doing exactly what you would expect, dismantling what created the middle class in this country. Must make you Bush voters from 2004 so proud -- your vote put an indelible mark on our nations' history -- a really dark and sad mark, but you've made your mark.

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