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No-bid contract to Carnival is a prime example of waste

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Everyone knew that the no-bid contracts were going to be a mess and Carnival is an early leader in the story. Carnival has done a fantastic job over the years of making all of their money out of the US but sheltering their income in Panama to avoid paying US taxes. (Of course, individuals who try to do this are begging the IRS to investigate them.) Because planning isn't of any concern to the Bush team as we have discovered time and time again, nobody planned for emergency housing in a post-Katrina world so the contracts for housing were not negotiated until after the event.

Now everyone is outraged by the $236 Million contract for Carnival Cruise lines to provide temporary housing while the ships are well under capacity. With the feeding frenzy that is happening in DC now for the rest of the no bid contracts, I'm sure we're going to see countless other Carnival sweetheart deals, all at the expense of the middle class and to the profit of the wealthiest of the wealthy. Mission Accomplished.

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