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Next Supreme Court Nominee this week?

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That's the rumor over at NBC's First Read:

Floor debate on John Roberts' nomination as chief justice also begins today, with a vote expected by Thursday. We may also see a Bush primetime address this week to announce the identity of his next nominee.
They have a snippet from a Novak column saying it will be Priscilla Owens:
On Sunday, Bob Novak once again noted that “[s]peculation in legal circles is that federal Appeals Court Judge Priscilla Owen… will be named to replace" O'Connor. "But sources close to President Bush warn he has not made up his mind whether to pick a woman for the vacancy.”
Everyone keeps saying this is the nominee that matters. Right now, Bush doesn't have much -- if any -- political capital left. If he picks a neanderthal right-winger like Owens, it has to be war.

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