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Abramoff Scandal Engulfs Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich's Offices

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This one reaches into Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich's Deputy Chief of Staff. Mr. Abramoff seems to have his fingers in so many different pies - how does he have the time?!?! In this case, it's cozy consulting contracts that end up in personal accounts. Smells like corruption in Annapolis to me! From the Baltimore Sun:

A top adviser to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has become ensnared in the widening investigation of indicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee raising fresh questions this week about a company formed by the aide that stands accused of laundering money for the lobbyist.

Edward B. Miller, 34, a deputy chief of staff to the governor, founded Grassroots Interactive in spring 2003 with a $10,000 investment, weeks after he began working for the Ehrlich administration, according to financial records he filed with the state and other documents. He sold the firm four months later. The company is now the subject of an investigation by federal authorities for being a front for alleged money-laundering efforts by Abramoff, according to congressional testimony made available this week.
Oh the life of Eddie Miller. Cozy job in the Governor's office in Annapolis, start up a company WHILE in office. Must be hard to start a company while you have another full time job. Unless your boss used to work with Tom DeLay and his cronies. So Jack Abramoff shows up with a nice little money laundering scheme it seems.

Tom DeLay's stink is in my Governor's office. Just the mention of Kenny Mehlman's name makes me feel like this is just one dirty little bunch. Eww.

As a very proud Baltimorean, I'm (personally) supporting my Mayor, Martin O'Malley, as he runs against corrupt Bob Ehrlich. Check out his O'Blog.

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