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Pre-trip panic open thread

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Ugh. I hate traveling. Used to love it. Then 9/11. Now going to airports, not so much fun. Though I'm flying Air France, which I adore. Even in coach, where I'll be, the service and seating is still better than anything I've ever had on an US carrier (and I will not touch United or Delta to fly international ever again).

Anyway, lots of last minute to-dos to do, driving me nuts. Still haven't written this week's RADAR piece yet - I get to do that in Paris tomorrow (see, I told you'd be working). Doing some last minute laundry at Joe's - need to shrink those CafePress shirts so I can wear them in Paris and help spread the word.

Anyway, here's for a bit more, than it's Joe's for the evening, I should hopefully be online in Paris by the time you guys wake up tomorrow morning. What a very odd small world it is. JOHN

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