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AP has a Q & A on the Rove Scandal

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Interesting little Q & A distributed by the Associated Press today about the Rove Scandal. Okay, they call it the "CIA leak probe," but we all know it's now about Karl.

I found it a little thin -- but then, those of us in blog world know way more about the Rove scandal than AP can fit in an article. It left out some key facts, for example, in the first question about the origins of the case, they piece discusses the Niger Uranium issue. But it forgot to mention that Bush used it in his 2003 State of the Union address as a reason for going to war...those infamous 16 words.

Having AP do this piece, on top of the latest revelations from Time magazine, should re-invigorate the media. Time told us that they've learned Rove found about Plame "from within the Administration rather than from media contacts." Apparently, Karl told the grand jury that he found out about Plame from the media. Prosecutors love to find those inconsistencies.

E&P has a write up on the Time article, too.

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