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The Family Research Council is mad at me

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You know you're doing something right when the Family Research Council personally attacks yours truly in today's email update.

In the latest Family Research Council "Washington Update," FRC president Tony Perkins weighs in on Scott Bloch, Bush's homophobic head of the Office of Special Counsel who is outright disobeying Bush's order to enforce the executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in the federal workforce. Bloch tried to undercut the president and the policy last year, and got caught, and was forced to reiterate his support for the policy after Bush publicly told him to do his job.

Well, last week, Bloch again decided to disobey his boss and launch his own rogue activist operation to undercut an executive order from the president of the United States. Apparently Bloch thinks we live in some banana republic where the rule of law and the orders of the president mean nothing to unelected underlings more interested in carrying out a jihad than obeying the Constitution.

Anyway, the homophobic far right hate group Family Research Council went all nutso today in defending Bloch - apparently they think his job might just be in danger. They launched a personal broadside against me for the things I wrote about Bloch in this blog, which is really quite funny. First, they note that Senators are not happy at Bloch for launching his own rogue operation against the president.

Then they go off on me

The Senators were merely the first salvo in what appears to be a concentrated attack on a dedicated public servant. The next shots are coming from homosexual activists who are trying to get Scott Bloch fired. One particularly angry activist, whose last claim to fame was harassing Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter in the last election, vowed to dedicate his life to ruining Mr. Bloch. The President should support those in his Administration who do the right thing, and he should stand by Special Counsel Scott Bloch.
Now, let's get a few things straight folks.

1. I'm not angry, I'm bitchy.

2. My "last claim to fame" was not harassing openly-dykey Mary Cheney, it was harassing Bill Gates, and before that, religious right sympathizer and $200 an hour GOP man-whore JeffJames GannonGuckert.

3. And finally, I did not dedicate my life to ruining Mr. Bloch. I've dedicated my life to ruining the Family Research Council and its pseudo-religious bigot buddies who blasphemously wrap their hatred and intolerance in the cloak of God like some new-and-improved version of the Taliban. Scott Bloch is simply a morsel on the way.

And btw, let's all thank for the Family Research Council for reminding me that I've got a number of internal US government documents to release next week detailing further Bush administration efforts to effectively repeal the executive order. Thanks for motivating me even further, guys. I'll be sure to give Scott my special $200 an hour attention all next week.

And let's all give Scott a little love - tell him he can thank the Family Research Council for inspiring us to check in with him:

Office of Special Counsel HQ
Tel: (202) 254-3600
Tel: (800) 872-9855

- Scott Bloch, head of the office and chief anti-gay bad guy: (not 100% sure this email is correct, but try it)

- Catherine Deeds, Director, Congressional and Public Affairs,

And if any has any other contact information for Scott or anyone else at his office - phone, cell, email - please pass it along.

PS Is Tony Perkins H-O-T or what?!

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