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AMERICAblog t-shirts

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We're going to start offering t-shirts soon, via CafePress. Wonder if folks have any suggestions for what they should say?

I've got to throw this in, since I don't plan on getting sued, if you suggest it, you are agreeing to cede all rights to the idea. I don't want anyone suing AMERICAblog, since then all of the little AMERICAbloggers would have to go live on the street and fight for their food (those would be my orchids). Seriously, by suggesting any t-shirt ideas, you are agreeing to relinquish any and all current and future rights to the idea. Got it? Good. Now suggest away, if you still want to, after all of that :-) Obviously, snark goes a long way with me. I'm thinking something with "Peppered with obscenity" might be required.

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