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What kind of a "journalist" says something like this publicly about their "reporting"?

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"RAWSTORY reports that Senate Minority Leader Harry 'Soup Lines" Reid will join in the investigation of me. He should be thanking me since I helped get him his promotion." - James Guckert on his new Web site
I doubt even FOX News would be so crass as to say something like this publicly about their own reporting. There is a line between journalists and non-journalists. And yes, it's sometimes hard to define. But like the courts once said about pornography, you know it when you see it.

PS The even stranger part is that Guckert is joking about the fact that he used a totally fictious quote about soup kitchens to blast Senator Reid at a White House press conference. Guckert literally quoted something he heard on Rush Limbaugh's radio show (they don't call him "scoop" Guckert for nothin'). Rush was joking, Guckert didn't get the joke, and then repeated what Rush said as a real quote from the Senator.

Any real journalist would be mortified that they got up in front of the entire White House press corps, on national TV no less, and rattled off a totally fictious quote as true. Guckert, on the other hand, is apparently proud of the fact.

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