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Friday Orchid Blogging

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Lest I forget. (For those of you who are new here, this is an AMERICAblog tradition. We don't own cats (the traditional pet of choice for Friday blogging), so we do orchids.)

Paph (Mach One x Tranchant) 'Absolute Monster' x Western Thunder 'Shock Wave'

I just bought this plant last weekend, so can claim NO credit for the blooms. This is what you call a "bulldog" paphiopedilum, which until I just typed this I didn't get the pun! LOL (Gannon's hooker name is "bulldog.") My bulldog cost significantly less than $200/hour.

It's 6 inches wide, and supposed to be relatively easy to grow, medium dappled light, relatively moist (you don't let them dry out completely). I'm very excited. I've wanted one like this for a long while, I find them amazing. Other friends find this particular type of orchid hideous. What do you think?

PS I got it from Marriott Orchids, an AMAZING orchid grower that's rather expensive. You can check out their stuff here, but beware, it ain't cheap (fortunately, I got mine at a show here in town, it was cheaper than what you see on the Web).

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