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Royal Navy Recruiting Gays -- GannonGuckert To Sign Up?

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The US military continues to spend millions of dollars a year training gay and lesbian soldiers and then millions more to witchhunt these brave Americans and kick them out. It's damaging national security, damaging our ability to project power around the world and -- given the absurd blackballing of queer specialists in Arabic languages -- could well stop us from preventing the next 9-11.

To prove how far behind we are, look at the British military: like almost every other Western democracy -- including Canada and Israel -- they've stopped attacking soldiers who want to serve their country but happen to be gay. Now they're going a step further, with the Royal Navy set to actively recruit gays.

So if JamesJeff GuckertGannon is looking to make a career switch, why not try the Royal Navy? Sure, he'd have to buy another military uniform, but Guckert can always find other uses for it.

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