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Bush Agrees To Disagree...With Himself

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What great diplomacy Bush Inc. is demonstrating in Europe. First Condi went over there and said, The US is willing to stand with Europe and Europe MUST be ready to stand with the U.S. (Talk about an olive branch.) Then Bush came to Europe and magnanimously said he's willing to forgive it for being right about those Weapons of Mass Destruction. Gee thanks.

Now today, Bush cautions Europe not to jump to conclusions about our intentions towards Iran.

According to the Washington Post (which is hardly a reputable paper since it has nary a whore on its staff), "President Bush said Tuesday that concern about possible U.S. military action against Iran 'is simply ridiculous.'"

Wow, a strongly worded statement if ever there was one. But then Bush immediately added: "all options are on the table" in dealing with suspected Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons. Uh, "all options" means exactly that -- everything up to invasion is possible, Mr. President, so if you say it's under consideration, and your staff has been beating the drums of war ever since the election (with Condi and Rummy and burst-of-sunshine Cheney all speaking about Iran in dire terms not heard since, oh, we got ready to invade Iraq), then why oh why is it "ridiculous" for Europe to be concerned?

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