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Outstanding questions about Jeff Gannon - please submit some yourselves

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  1. When did GannonGuckert adopt the pseudonym?
  2. If GannonGuckert did nothing wrong, and this is just a liberal witch hunt of some poor innocent guy who's only crime is being a conservative, then why did Talon News and GOPUSA delete all of Gannon's old articles, and a slew of other articles dealing with gay issues?
  3. Who was this "client" who Gannon bought the Web addresses and
  4. What was the client intending to do with those addresses?
  5. As a self-professed Christian, conservative, and reporter who tends to only report the anti-gay viewpoint in his articles, why did Gannon accept a client that was clearly interested in escort services, and gay military escort services at that?
  6. Who is paying the ongoing costs of maintaining the domain registrations for and
  7. Who is J. Daniels, the other name associated with these domain names? If it's a fake name, why did Gannon use yet another fake name in this instance?
  8. According to WHOIS, those domain names were updated just two months ago, this past November. Did Gannon update those names?
  9. Who paid Gannon's salary? Who paid Talon News' bills? Who pays for GOPUSA's budget?
  10. Gannon says he refused to divulge to the FBI who slipped him the CIA information about Valerie Plame. Other journalists were threatened with jail for taking that position - why wasn't Gannon (or Novak, for that matter)?
  11. According to court documents, Gannon owes some $20k in Delaware, from a judgement ten years ago. What's up with that?
  12. GannonGuckert says he's been harassed and stalked since the day he spoke out during the White House press conference two weeks ago. But according to Atrios, Gannon's real name wasn't discovered and made public until 10:54PM this past Monday night. How did people track him down at church and phone his family if no one knew his name? Not to mention, this story wasn't even a big story until just about 2-3 days ago.
  13. GannonGuckert says he has 750,000 subscribers to his news service. Really? Love to hear more details about that factoid.
  14. Is Gannon married?


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