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Video: The modern Republicans are a "Frankenstein political party"

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I want to post this, not just because it calls AmericaBlog and the many other "citizen journalists" the modern "thought leaders" for analysis of political issues, but because the speaker, Mike Papantonio, is right about what's happened to the Republican Party.

Here he is on the Ed Schultz Show talking about what these Frankenstein Republicans have become. It's the intro to the interview that Gaius previewed here.

Gaius's posts on this subject are here:

GOP is a party of WASPs led by 70-year-old impotent white guys — This link takes you midway through, to the Koch part of the post.

Norquist on Romney: "Pick a Republican with enough working digits" to sign the Ryan budget — Norquist was a featured speaker at AFP's "Defending the American Dream Summit" in 2011, and unlike David Frum or Steve Schmidt, is fully on the AFP bandwagon.

But Papantonio says all that needs to be said. Do pay attention to what he says about Reagan. He was recruited by billionaires as a front man to resist the student rebellion in California. It worked.

Gaius was interviewed after that segment. We'll bring you that clip if it is posted.

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