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Texas going purple?

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Anyone who followed the DNC last week now knows who Julian Castro is. My initial thought was that while he had an interesting story, how likely is it that any Democrat will have a chance in a Blue State such as Texas? Winning locally is one thing, but statewide in this day and age? There hasn't been a big win there for Democrats in years.

During the convention there was an interesting panel discussion that discussed the impact of Latinos in politics. The discussion included Latino politicians and Latino media. I've spent a bit of time recently in Texas so was interested in hearing about the transformation of that die-hard Republican state. Many expect Texas to shift to a purple state in the next 6-8 years.

It's hard to imagine Texas being competitive again but that day is not too far off. Even with this shift, Texas certainly is not going to be a progressive state such as the Northeast or West Coast. It's better than nothing though even the mainstream Democrats around the country are conservative (corporatists) compared to a few years ago.

One could also argue that Texas Democrats are doing what they need to do in order to win and that they may transform once their position is more secure. Perhaps, but time will tell.

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